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The FRED Story

For all of my adult life, I have had a magnetized clipboard with a notepad on my refrigerator with two columns in which to write grocery items:  FR and ED.  F stands for Frozen, R stands for Refrigerated, E stands for Electronic and D stands for Dry.  As a member of the household if you needed something refrigerated you would write this item in the FR column.  If you needed something electronic or dry you would write this item in the ED column.  Most grocery stores are basically divided into FR and ED. 


In the early 2000s my family was building a house.  While this house was being built we were living in the shop about 50 yards from the new construction.  It was a Friday morning and I had just completed my FRED grocery list so that I could pick up groceries after my day of work.  I stepped outside of the shop door and headed to my truck when I heard a really awful sound, like a dying animal’s cry.  I stopped and looked around but saw nothing.  I heard the sound again and began looking around in the new construction.  Then, I saw movement in the rafters.  I was scared but had to know what was moving and if that is what was making the awful noise.  An ugly black cat appeared in front of me.  His ears had been burned and he was extremely skinny and had mange.  I had never seen a more pathetic-looking animal.  I went back into the shop and brought out an opened can of chicken.  I laid it before the cat and he began devouring the food.  I took the opportunity to rush to my truck and head to work. 


After returning home from work and my grocery run, the ugly black cat was waiting for me.  I fed him another can of chicken and called the vet to see if I could bring in a stray.  They were still open so I took the cat in and told them if he could be saved I wanted to keep him.  The vet asked if the cat had a name.  I hesitated only for a moment then said, “Yes, his name is Fred.” 


Fast forward 12 years or so.  Porch pirate theft is rampant in the US and I come up with an idea to end this nonsense.  My idea is a delivery box that will hold Frozen, Refrigerated, Electronic and Dry goods, so I name it FRED and hire a graphics artist to design a logo with the acronym incorporating an ugly black cat with damaged ears.  It is very special to me that the cat I tried so hard to save can somehow live on through a new business with his likeness in the logo!

-Donna Clark, President of FRED