What is limited lifetime warranty?

The outer decking material of the Premium FRED is covered by the limited lifetime warranty.  All other components are covered for one year.  See more information on our Warranty page.


How do I give the delivery driver my code?

Login to your delivery company's  website and include your FRED box information in the special instructions section on their webstie.  See your delivery provider's website for more specific instructions.

Is FRED safe for food?

Yes, FRED is insulated so it will keep your packaged food fresh.  Most food deliveries come with packaging that should keep your food fresh for at least 8 hours.

Can I install my FRED box myself?

Yes, though you must follow instructions to honor warranty.  The FRED box must be attached to a cement anchor to honor the warranty.  Self-installation instructions must be followed as described in the instructions manual.  See more information on our Warranty page.


What is your return policy?

We stand behind the quality of our product.  If installed by manufacturer, then the purchaser has 14 days to ask for return.  15% restocking fee may apply.  Manufacturer will uninstall.

Can I change my code/how do I change my code?

Yes, you can change your code.  Read the instruction booklet inside the packaging or the Keypad Instructions tab on our website for more information.

Are there any dangers of entrapment with FRED?

See our disclaimer in the instruction booklet.  We stress that homeowners keep their box locked and code secret from minors at all times to ensure safety.