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Susan boehrer

Susan boehrer

We get packages delivered-- I’d probably say-- two or three times a week and when they deliver them, because we have a gate, they just leave them on the side.  So we’ll come home and they may have been out for six to eight hours or they could’ve been out for two days if we’re out of town. And so, this way, we know if we have a package delivered, it’s gonna be safe.

I think it’s gonna create a revolution for how people get deliveries.

- Susan Boehrer

Proud Owner of the

FRED Delivery Box



I think FRED is a great investment to help protect the many deliveries that I have to my office that can be expensive to replace if a porch pirate decided to steal them from me.  FRED makes my deliveries more secure and I can see when the actual delivery occurs.

My favorite feature is the locking mechanism that you can easily rotate codes and the security camera that sends a video clip as soon as FRED has been opened.

I believe many people have had packages stolen off their front porch.  This gives them peace of mind that their packages will be secure and be there when they need them.


FRED seems to be a great idea to help everyone have safe and secure packages delivered to their homes or office.

-Curtis McCarty

Proud Owner of the FRED Delivery Box