FRED is a secure delivery box for Frozen, Refrigerated, Electronic and Dry goods including prescription medicines.  Every FRED box is weather resistant, aesthetically beautiful, and utilizes premium wood material that includes a limited warranty.  Stop Porch Pirates and protect your deliveries TODAY!


Customize your FRED with additional options like our Premium Insulation to keep your food, groceries, and prescription medicine deliveries safe and fresh 24/7, our attachable anti-theft steel mesh bag for oversized deliveries, or our Blink camera to keep an eye on your packages at all times through live video receipts sent directly to your phone.  Order your FRED any color to match your home or business.  


Our latest version of FRED offers a smarter lock and a more affordable price.  Our new lock is an Igloohome Smart Padlock, a padlock that can also be unlocked with an app on any smartphone.  It provides different durations of pin codes; permanent, recurring, and one-time. Keep track of your codes and who uses your box like never before.  


Simply provide your temporary pin code in your delivery instructions online and never worry about your deliveries again.

  • Delivery and Installation

    Purchaser must live within 30 mile radius of OKC metro area to receive delivery and installation.  

  • White Glove Agreement

    FRED is proud to offer white glove delivery and installation service that go beyond the standard expectations for delivery. The service begins in our warehouse where your FRED box will be put on its own individual pallet, where it is wrapped and carefully tied down.  Then, our friendly FRED Team of certified installers will arrive at your home and take care of everything for you-- all while wearing white gloves. We will ask exactly where you would like FRED, and discuss different options if necessary. Once we determine the location, we’ll make sure the ground is level to have the best results with your FRED Box. Next we’ll drill and securely bolt down your FRED Box to your porch or concrete pad. After securing FRED, we will test your box a few times and make sure everything is working properly. Once tested, we can answer any questions you may have before we’re on our way to deliver the next FRED box. 


    Our goal is to make it an enjoyable experience and as simple as possible for the consumer while being respectful to you and your home. 

  • Disclaimer

    If purchaser selects "Pick Up and Self-Installation", purchaser must pick up FRED box from 3305 SE 44th St, Norman, OK 73072.  Self-installation will be required.  

Insulation ($100)
Blink Camera ($150.00)
Delivery/Shipping Options
Attachable Anti-Theft Steel Mesh Bag ($100)
Color ($150)

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