FRED Installation Instructions

How To Install FRED Yourself

  1. Remove FRED Box from pallet by lifting from the bottom of the box or from bottom side of upper wall side rails.  Do not lift FRED box by the lid.

  2. Position FRED box on concrete or solid surface (concrete is recommended), level FRED box by determining the high side and shim low sides with composite shims.

  3. Open lid and drill 1/2" hole in the center of the bottom completely through concrete slab using 1/2" concrete bit.

  4. Install 1/2" x 4" anchor bolt with nut threaded on bolt two turns-- this will allow the nut to be flush with the top of the bolt when tightened (bolt can not be above top of nut after tightened).

  5. Install stainless steel cap.

  6. Make sure lid opens and closes smoothly.

  7. Attach FRED bag with carbinner.

  8. Set your new 4 digit code (DO NOT GIVE CODE TO CHILDREN).