FRED is a secure delivery box for Frozen, Refrigerated, Electronic and Dry goods including prescription medicines.  Every FRED box is weather resistant, aesthetically beautiful, and is custom made and manufactured to order.  Both FRED models are 31x31x29 inches with an interior of 24x24 inches.


Choose from custom options like Premium Insulation with FRP anti-bacterial interior, an anti-theft steel mesh bag for over-sized deliveries, an attachable Blink Camera to monitor your FRED through an app, as well as different colors to fit your needs. 


Simply add your digital code to the delivery instructions and enjoy secure deliveries from Amazon, Fed Ex, and UPS.

FRED Weather Graphic 22-01.png

This way, we know if we have a package delivered, it’s gonna be safe.

I think FRED is a great investment to help protect the many deliveries that I have to my office that can be expensive to replace.

This gives them peace of mind that their packages will be secure and be there when they need them.

I think it’s gonna create a revolution for how people get deliveries.

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